Designing for an interactive dining experience with environmental display

At a glance
In this project, I developed a new brand, the entire desktop and iPad interface, and a set of print collaterals with environmental display for DouShiQian - a Japanese restaurant from Kyoto that aims to bring a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine to the city life.

The goal of this project was to introduce a fresh face for the restaurant, bring digital products to the dining experience, and improve efficiency and customer dining experience.
Individual Project
Branding, UI Design, Motion Design
January - May 2021

Bring interactive dining experience to the city life

Final Product Demo

Prior to the beginning of this project, I paid a visit to DouShiQian, and the restaurant owner warmly welcomed me with a tour. The house is decorated with a lot of Japanese Zen elements, as this is hopefully a place not only for Japanese cuisine, but also experiencing the culture in an authentic setting. 🎉

Decorated in a simple and elegant modern industrial style

Secluded seating with sliding doors

Japanese art decorations

Paper menu introducing restaurant history

So, What is the problem?

" I love taking my friends here on weekends, however there's always so many people in the city, and it takes a long time to place orders.​   "

- Patricia, 27, frequent customer at DouShiQian

Problem Space

Customers value food quality and good ambience at the restaurant. However, current dining system doesn't suffice especially during rush hours.

Problem Statement

"How might we create an interactive dining experience at DouShiQian and attract more customers interested in Japanese cuisine?"

How I was able to help

As the UX designer, I designed the entire iPad interface for ordering, checking order status and making payments, so that users are able to self direct and whole dining experience. I also worked on the visual side bringing dynamic dining experience with a splash of Japanese culture.

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Careful Rebrand

Every Element Made with Love

My first task was to give a makeover to DouShiqian’s logotype and visual identity.

Onboarding has never been more fun and memorable

The business card design style went through several iterations

There were several advertising ideas emerged

Instagram stories used as a hook to introduce restaurant’s new branding

iPad Menu Design

User Flows

Present more information and recommendations to help customers choose

Show detailed food descriptions for new customers and make suggestions based on their order

All-in-one ordering and payment systems

Users can place orders unlimitedly befre check-out without having to call any staff members over.

Makes customers feel welcome and gives timely updates

Japanese-style illustrations are shown during wait time to keep customers company

Click to try the prototype!

Environmental Display

The goal of DouShiQian's environmental display is to create an interactive and engaging dining environment with illustrations of Japanese elements. The displays are delivered through projections on interior environment.

Entrance Display

Glass Wall Display

Tablecloth Display